Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sour and Sweet

This week was crappy. I woke up Monday and my back was in total spasms and I couldn't move. 3 days and 3 visits to the chiropractor later, I am okay now. However my household completely fell apart while I was laid up. I can keep all the plates spinning decently when I work full time if I am well, but as soon as I am sick or in pain, those plates start dropping left and right. The fact that this happens irritates me. A lot, apprently, judging from the meltdown I had on Thursday night. It was not for nothing though, as my kids are much more helpful now that they have seen their mother perform a total freak out, I think it scared them a little. It would have scared me too, except I knew it was PMS hormone fueled, so I just went with it and got good results. Don't tell the kids though, it works better when they think I am batshit crazy.
So yesterday I get a call from my fellow Sunday Night Supper Clubber Jennifer N., inviting me to an after-work happy hour at a place called Jimmy'z. It seems she is friends with the chef there, Andrew. Let me tell you, it IS who you know, because I have never had such a good restaurant experience ever. My boys came down and we had the best dinner, served personally to us by Andrew, who is an awesome chef by the way, that steak was the best. Jennifer and I had fun getting to know each other better, and we decided that we all need to get together more often. Sounds good to me! So even though my week was crappy, it ended well.
Now it is the weekend and tomorrow we are going to Pig Out in the Park with my pseudo-Uncle Buzzy and his wife Jan. So if you are one of the (growing) handful of people who I know here, and you are down at the park tomorrow evening, maybe we will see you! Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!


Jennifer said...

So sorry to hear about your back. At least you have the boys to make you laugh!

Jimmy'z is great isn't it?

Have fun in the park!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to my rest. It was a pleasure to meet you and cook for you and your sons.