Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have been thinking about starting up the blog again but I don't know, seems like more work than fun.
BUT it is a good place to come to when you don't feel like paying your bills.
Still don't have a lot to say.
Oh, I could say a lot, but why?
I think that maybe one of the reasons that I don't feel the need to write so much is that I get plenty of talking done in my real life. There's knit night, which is like a really loud, funny, off-color episode of The View, but with knitting! That is my favorite time of the week. Plus there are a lot of other things I do with friends, and when you add Facebook to that, I am just all talked out.
Back when I was doing the blog a lot, the kids were younger and needed me more, I didn't get out much at all, I wasn't working, and then I moved up here where I didn't know anybody, but all those circumstances are different now.
I would like to thank my blog for being here to catch all the blather that I spewed daily when I didn't have live people to spew it to.
Spew! Just wanted to say it one more time.
So that's it. Later this morning I will be meeting some friends from work for brunch at a buffet, or as we like to call it, Baconfest. Then I will be home most of the weekend because the inspector who the rest of you know as my sister is coming on the 20th, and I have to clean this house in a big way. So for the two if you who will read this, thanks and have a great weekend!