Monday, September 04, 2006

Poor Timing x 2

For Sale

So a few weeks ago when I was going to join the work force again I decided I needed a Salad Blaster to take my lunch salads to work in. They are the ones that hold the dressing in the lid, you just push the button on top and the dressing comes out. I had seen them when I first moved here at Rosauers but didn't get one at the time. So I go back to Rosauers and they don't have any. This prompts me to go to several more stores around here but of course I come up empty-handed every time. Finally I buy one on eBay, after shipping it costs me nearly $10. So I get it in the mail and the next week I am at a different Rosauers and there they are on clearance for $3. So I buy one because, well because they were $3. Now I have two but I really only need one, I will sell you one for only $10.

Then, also a few weeks ago, I was getting tired of writing my return address on envelopes so I decided to order some address labels. Also about $10 after shipping. Well, two days after I place my order I get mail from some organization that wants a donation and inside are 24 address labels that just got mailed to me out of nowhere for free. Then two days after that the March of Dimes or someone sends me 72 more labels out of nowhere for free. I swear, all you have to do is donate to one place and everyone else finds you and courts you with free mailing labels. So now I have 250 labels that I paid for and 96 that I didn't. I use about 12 a month, good thing I'm not going anywhere.

So maybe if I order some new cookware for $10 I will get a Le Creuset oval oven sent to me out of nowhere for free. Hey, it could work, I'm on a roll!

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Lisa Mathews said...

tee hee-LOVE IT!
Of course you find what you are looking for after you're done looking for it!

I love your writing voice Karla, it sounds just like you--very entertaining.

You know what always makes me smile? "Ring"
Me: "Hello"
You: "Hello. Leo is here. Leo wants to be there."
Me: "Bring him over"

End of conversation...those were the good old days,