Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Mutimedia KISS Experience

You had this album, admit it!

Yesterday while I was at work Max watched the movie Detroit Rock City. If you haven't seen it and you are around my age, I encourage you to watch it if for no other reason than the soundtrack is awesome! Anyway, the movie is about 4 teenage stoner guys in 1978 trying to get to the big KISS concert in town. Max wasn't even born until 1988 so movies like this are little pop culture history lessons to him. So last night we were talking about this movie and Max asked me this question--Was KISS really that popular?
Uh, yeah, they were. Not so much to me and my circle of friends, we were in the LedZeppelin-Aerosmith-AC/DC camp, but we thought they had some good songs. After all, we modeled our teenage lives on the KISS lyric (sing it with me) I-I, Wanna Rock and Roll All Niiiiight, And Party Ev-er-y Day! Yes, KISS was popular.
So to illustrate my point I go to the bookshelf and pull out my 1979 Monterey High yearbook. I could do a whole other post about fun with yearbooks, but I'll save it. Anyway, I thumb through the pages until I find this one autograph by some guy who's name I don't remember because he signed my yearbook as Peter Criss, who is the drummer for KISS. He even drew a picture of a cat, because Peter Criss had the cat face makeup. Max looked at the autograph, then laughed and said "What a loser!".
I hope Max never goes through the box in the garage that has notes and other teenage memorabilia of mine in it. Then he will never find out what a loser I was too--
Signed, Mrs. Jimmy Page


Faythe said...

Hey, when Ryan was little, he joined the KISS Army!! I still like to tease him about that. He even had his own record player at 6 so he could play all his KISS records!

Have you seen Gene Simmon's reality show Family Jewels on A&E? It's actually pretty funny. His kids seem like they're actually nice, not complete spoiled brats.

Anonymous said...

I am inspired. I think I am actually going to start a blog to help me deal with my rollercoaster of emotions that come from being an admitted network marketer. I think it might be kind of enjoyable to share with the rest of the world that we really are normal people who don't like to be obnoxious but really need the money. What does this have to do with KISS, well the above mentioned A&E show makes me think ofr a moment or two that the members of KISS didn't really want to be obnoxious, they just really needed the money...Love you, Kim

Anonymous said...

I still have an original KISS double live album. My circle at the time were into KISS, Peter Frampton, etc. I still get the same feeling everytime I here rock and roll all night. I once fulfilled a lifetime dream by seeing KISS on their reunion tour in Spokane. I wanted to see them back when i was 13 and wasn't allowed. So I had to wait until I was an adult and took my 13 year old nephew. It was his first concert. I don't know who was more excited, him or I.