Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Signs I Have Seen

Since I have been living up here I have noticed a proliferation of signs regarding cell phone usage. I don't know if there were any back in CA, but if there were I did not notice them. The place I work has a sign that says "Kindly turn off cell phones when in building" and my chiropractor has one that says "This is a place of healing--turn off your cell phone." I have been to more than one semi-fast food place where when you step up to the counter to order, a sign tells you to get off your phone. I think it's good that businesses realize that they don't have to deal with people on their cell phones if they don't want to. It makes for a smoother transaction and less opportunity for people to be rude.
Okay enough about that. The other signs I have noticed have been the handmade cardboard signs that the homeless beggars on the street corners use. The homeless in Spokane are starting to get creative with these signs, they are really raising the bar for homeless beggars everywhere. Here are three examples from the past 2 days:

"Homeless Veteran With Visions of a Cheeseburger" That one was ok. Then later that same car trip we saw:
"Why Lie-I Need a Veggie Burger" I'm sensing a trend here. But the best one was
the one we saw today:

"Adopt A Hobo -- $1.00"

I almost did.


Jennifer said...


I'm probably going to get slammed for this comment.

But most of the guys and girls with signs at "our" off ramp aren't really homeless. Either are the ones at Sullivan in the Valley.

But, yes, I agree the signs are great!

Karla said...

Jennifer--I realize that many of the homeless-aren't. I just don't know what else to call them. Max calls them bums and Leo calls them hobos, those names just seem kind of harsh to me.

Jennifer said...

My favorite is the group that has been hanging out recently on the corner by the Moxie salon.

It is two guys and a girl. She's got a brand new outfit every time I see her. Way too nice for her chosen occupation!