Monday, September 18, 2006


Today was Max's first day of college. This has caused me to pause and reflect. Tomorrow I will celebrate my 45th birthday. That has REALLY caused me to pause and reflect. I went into the closet and got out one of the photo boxes. Here is what I found:

This is in the hospital after Max was born. I look like crap but at least I was young!
Seriously though, at the time of this photo I had only been a parent for about a day and had no idea what to expect. My only hope was that I wouldn't hurt or kill him because I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Turns out I did ok. He is excited about his classes and is ready for whatever the next four years has in store for him. I'm excited for him. Not to mention broke from paying tuition. I am looking forward to his future, but if I could have stopped time at one point during his life, it would have been this one right here:

You can see why. Enjoy college, Max. I love you.

Okay, that was sappy. So let's end this post with a silly picture of the boys when they were little.

That's better. I'll say goodbye while I'm still 44. Goodbye!

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Obnoxious MLMer said...

Your aviator glasses rock my socks!!! Tell Max happy learning for me. I am excited for him too and would love to talk college with him anytime. I miss school.