Monday, September 25, 2006


So the other night I am going to bed, like my light is off and I am getting into my bed, when I hear fearful wailing from downstairs. "Mom,Mom, you have to come here right now!" So I go downstairs and not in a very good mood because I was almost in bed, and Max is freaking out because there are large amounts of these bugs in our house. All over the door and the floor and walls surrounding the door. It was pretty freaky. So we kill them all as best we can, clean up after the massacre, and go to our friend the internet for answers. And boy did we get answers.
The lovely little bug that you see above is called a Box Elder bug. They live in Box Elder trees and other shrubs. They are harmless, but they want to come into your house as soon as the weather starts to cool. All ten million of them. The only defense a person has against these bugs is to spray them with soapy water, which kills them, or seal up your house so they can't get in. Max chose the latter, and masking-taped his door all around the edges to seal out the bugs. So far it is working. We will keep you posted.
I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of things that we will have to get used to in a four season area.

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Anonymous said...

Box Elder bugs and Box Elder trees? So Washington is turning Mormon?