Sunday, October 23, 2005

Misuse of Toothpaste

My friend Elizabeth called from Oklahoma today. We have been great friends since November 21, 1973 when we got in trouble for playing poker during lunchtime at Fremont Jr High. Out of all of my friends she is the one that I laugh with the most. She lived in the Bay Area for years and she used to come down several times a year to stay the weekend. We bring out the silliness in each other, and we know that when we are visiting that there will be at least one episode of laughter in which tears are streaming down our faces and we cant breathe. Well, now she lives in rural Oklahoma, so the laughs have to come mostly over the phone. Just not the same.
Anyway, she called to tell me about this toothpaste she bought, Crest Vivid White Night in the flavor of Moonlight Mint. They had several other flavors of mint like Invigorating Mint, Refreshing Mint, etc. When I asked her what Moonlight Mint tastes like, she said Mint. Well duh! But since neither of us knows exactly what moonlight tastes like, I got on the Crest website to find out if they knew. Well, apparently this Crest Vivid White Night is a toothpaste that is meant for brushing at night before you go to bed, because it coats your teeth and whitens them while you sleep. I guess that explains the Moonlight Mint title.
So I told Elizabeth that she has been using nighttime toothpaste in the daytime, she had no idea! I mean, since when is there Night Toothpaste? Anyway, it loses something in the translation, but by the end of the conversation we were howling with laughter as usual. I really miss her.
Moral of the story--Read your toothpaste label carefully, who knows what kind of consequences there are for toothpaste misuse?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I forget I have this thing

Therefore, I forget to post to it. Currently Max is at work, Leo is out with his dad, and I am listening to a cd I picked up in Berkeley yesterday, it's an old one, Computer World by Kraftwerk. I have the song Computer Love on repeat. I cannot stop listening to it, it's so great. The kids have been on break for the last almost 2 weeks, it has been very nice not having to get up so early and having some unstructured days for a change. They go back to school on Monday, hopefully they had as much fun as I did. I will try to be better with my posting, since nothing happens all the time and after all, that's what this blog is about.
PS I'm the operator with my pocket calculator....