Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mail Call

I know everyone who reads this will now say "Dang, this really IS an awful lot of nothing!", but I maintain that you all knew that going in. So did I, and it is in the spirit of nothing that I present to you, my mail!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous now. The charities will not quit sending me mailing labels! The problem is, I would love to support them all but I can only afford to support myself and my family at the moment. And it's a catch-22, because if I send a donation to just one of them, you know that an avalanche of mailing labels will come and make me feel even worse!

I also received this welcome note from my new dentist. It says: "We look forward to helping you meet your dental goals." I didn't even know I HAD dental goals! What are they? And what happens if I fail to meet them, even with their help? I can't bear the thought.

Then I got this postcard:

This freaks me out. How did they know I'm German? Yes my last name is Mellinger, but my maiden name is Smith, it's my mom's side that's German. This will keep me up tonight for sure.

Then to top it off I get a check from PG&E for $0.86--like that's going to make me feel better, I can't even go to the Dollar Tree with that!

I can't believe I'm longing for the good old days when the mailbox was full of credit card offers and Oriental Trading Company catalogs. Wait, that was yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a shampoo sample! I can hope anyway.


Obnoxious MLMer said...

Now I have anxiety because I have been meaning to call the dentist but what if he wants to start setting dental goals...?!


Anonymous said...

I will tell you how they knew you were German. It's Big Brother, I'm telling ya, Big Brother! Always flying around in those black helicopters, always watching yo... I see you in there, in my monitor, looking back at me. Why you lit... end transmission