Monday, October 02, 2006

Dollar Demons

It's Halloween at Value Village too!

Yesterday Max and I hit the local Dollar Tree. Now, you all know about Max and me and the Dollar Tree, every visit usually ends up with hysterical laughter. Well, not yesterday. You see, it is Halloween season at the Dollar Tree, and we found an aisle that was far scarier than anything in the Halloween aisle: The Demon-Possessed Collectibles Aisle!
I am so not kidding. Every figurine had these black Children-of-the-Corn eyes and blank zombie-like expressions and there were armies of them!

Once we saw the clowns we had to get out of there. We went over to the kitchenware aisle and found plastic dishes from the Disinterested Wildlife Collection:

They look a little demonic themselves. I think the lesson learned was, if it has normal eyes, it doesn't belong in the Dollar Tree! Even with all the scary stuff, we still had a good time:

Thank you for bringing your camera, Max!


jennifer n said...

I love the groom with the cut off head!

Anonymous said...

Little People, Big Store