Saturday, July 28, 2007

It Started Innocently Enough

I was going on a knitting blog. Mason-Dixon Knitting to be exact. That post led me to YouTube, where I watched a clip of The Monkees on the Glen Campbell show. Which led me to a clip of the Monkees on Laugh-In. I LOVED Laugh-In as a kid. LOVED IT. I had a Sock It To Me tee shirt and a Here Comes The Judge tee shirt which, along with my Batman tee shirt, were my favorite clothes as a kid, also my white go-go boots were the best. Oh crap, I'm off track again. We used to get off track a lot at bible study, and then I would say Where would we be if we weren't off track and everyone would say ON TRACK! So I will get back on track. Laugh-In on YouTube. So I watched a bunch of Laugh-In clips and you know how one thing leads to another on YouTube so here is where I ended up. Watch the whole thing. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, sort of like watching a car wreck.
Happy Saturday.

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