Saturday, July 07, 2007

Music Loves Me Back

I hope you are watching the Live Earth concerts. They have been great so far. I DVR'd it so I am watching about 2 hours behind. Foo Fighters are playing right now. Metallica was awesome, and I don't even like them that much! And Spinal Tap played--they went to eleven! And they had the little druids dancing around Stonehenge, it was the best. Snoop Dogg was good, or as my sister calls him, Snoopy DogDog. But my favorites so far have been the Beastie Boys, they rapped a few songs, then got behind their instruments and played "Sabotage", they were great! OK, going back to the TV now, it is going to eleven. I am working on my hearing loss today. Happy 7/7/7.

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lornadoone said...

What channel are you watching it on. I've had Bravo on all day, and I haven't seen several of the acts you mentioned.