Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Deck

My porch is usually the place that gets all the pictures and lovely comments, but did you know that I have a deck too? It's not sheltered like the porch so it doesn't see as much action, of the human variety anyway. Recently I bought a plastic Adirondack-style chair for my deck so I have been sitting out there once in a while. There are no plants on my deck because of this:

This giant tree casts too much shade on my deck to grow things like tomatoes. Plus there is no water faucet out there, which is also not good if you want to water your plants. But even for the lack of plants, there is still a lot going for my deck. Here is what I discovered yesterday. It's like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom out there!

The bird in the center of the picture is the mama. She is bringing food to her babies, which are here:

Yes, there is a nest in the eaves of my house. I don't know what kind of birds they are, but they do not sing sweetly, they sound like they are playing kazoos. So the mom bird perches on the tree and starts kazooing to her babies, which kazoo back like crazy. After much positioning in the tree, the mom finally flies across to the nest. About 10 feet over my head. Once the mom is in the nest you can hear the bird pandemonium! Then mom flies out to get more grub and starts all over again. While I was sitting out there it happened about 10 times. It was very cool and I felt just like Marlon Perkins (old people will know who he is, everyone else just google him). Now I know why the cats are always bugging me to go onto the deck. It's shaded AND has nature! I think I will be dividing my outside time more evenly from now on.

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