Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Explosive News--Meaning News About Explosives

OK, here goes. Night before last my niece calls me and says guess what we found in dad's yard today? A 45 LB MORTAR. Buried 5 feet down in the backyard. They found it with a backhoe. The bomb squad was called in, the street was roped off, neighbors were warned to stay inside, a sandbag wall was built around it, and many hours later it was carted off to parts unknown by the military. I'm positive that if my brother could know what went on in his yard, he would be laughing and telling a great story about it. We do not know how a bomb came to be buried in my brother's backyard, but here is my theory.
My brother Rick, for pretty much his whole adult life, never had a "regular" job. He would do hauling, tree trimming, and he would supplement his income selling recreational substances that were, lets just say less than legal. So however he came across this bomb, whether he found it or it was given to him, he did not want anyone in a uniform of any kind coming down his driveway to dispose of it and ask him a bunch of questions. So he did what any safety-minded biker hippie would do--he buried it, deep enough so that if it went off it wouldn't do too much damage. I think my theory is dead-on.
Here is what we all should learn from this. If you bury a bomb in your backyard, you should write a letter to be opened after you die to let someone know where it is. That's all.

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