Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th

So it is Wednesday and I am off work, which is really weird to have one day off in the middle of the week. The thing about holidays is that they don't feel like regular days. It doesn't really feel like Wednesday, it feels like the Fourth of July! I am still kidless, and was all ready to have a solo pity party BBQ extravaganza by myself tonight, but I got a last minute invite to a BBQ that will be much better than mine. My kids are going to where we used to always go when we lived in CA, to BBQ with my niece Nichole and her family. The trick to going to one of their parties is to time it so you can leave right before the cops come. They are fun parties! Fourth of July is particularly fun because there are lots of illegal explosives involved. Nichole's husband Eduardo spares no expense and it is quite the show. Previous displays have involved the accidental blowing over of the back fence, and smoke so thick you can't see. I told my kids to be safe this year, but what a young person considers safe is vastly different from what I think is safe. Plus, they don't have the sense to leave before the cops come. So I am a little (very) concerned that people who left Washington with 10 fingers might come back with less. I think they need another safety lecture from their mom right now. Happy 4th Everyone and Be Safe!

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