Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fires and Rainbows and Sushi, Oh My!

Last night coming home I saw a HUGE plume of black smoke coming from the north so I put the local news station on my radio and heard that an oil tanker had blown up! So I got home as quick as I could, grabbed the kids and went up to Cliff Drive, which has a panoramic view of Spokane. There were lots of people that had the same idea. And they were taking pictures. I was bummed for a second, then I realized that my camera was in the car, so I got to take some pictures too.

You can see flames and the plumes of water that the firefighters were aiming at the fire, seemingly in vain. Here is the news website. Go to it soon because it will change as more news happens. Anyway, last night we went to sushi.com, which is not a website but a sushi restaurant. It is very good if you like sushi and even if you don't they have a lot of good stuff. We also went to CompUSA because we heard they were going out of business. Which they are not. It was starting to rain a bit as we were going in, and by the time we came out the sky had turned this weird color that I had never seen and there was a huge full rainbow so I took some more pictures.

And may I just say that it was almost 90 degrees outside at 8:15 when this picture was taken.

This place is great!

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Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

Cliff drive, what a great idea! Your pictures look awesome.