Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th

I have never believed in all the negative hype surrounding this day, in fact I have always spun it to be lucky instead. And except for the time I wrecked the car on a Friday the 13th, they have been mostly ordinary days, neither lucky or unlucky. Today I am by myself at work, we are down from 3 people to just me. This could be interpreted as unlucky but I am an optimist! It just means that the day will go by fast because I won't have a minute to look up from my desk. And it's going to be 103 outside today. But I'm lucky! We have great air conditioning at work. And tonight I get to make potato salad! That has to be lucky somehow, maybe because it means I am going to a BBQ on Saturday, that's lucky.
It's easy to spin a bad luck day into a good luck day. So have a lucky Friday the 13th, I will!

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