Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm Karla Mellinger, and I Approve This Post

I am not really a political person. in the past I have voted for people based on their occupations and who supports them. I try to read up on the issues most of the time before I vote, and if I don't understand it I just vote No. I ask people who I trust and who share my values and views who they are voting for. That's how I do it.

Now I am voting in a new state so I have been watching all the commercials closely and trying to familiarize myself with the candidates. Before the primary, all the candidates commercials were positive ones about themselves, not vicious slams against their opponent. I thought that was great, quite a change from the way California does things. But as the election nears, the tone of the commercials have changed. I'm not surprised really. But I have noticed something sneaky about them.
Here is what's happening:

--If the commercial is a positive one about the candidate, the candidate will come on at one point and say "I'm Joe Candidate, and I approve this message".


--If it is a nasty attack on Joe's opponant, Joe doesn't approve the message, instead it will say "paid for by Republicans for a Brighter Future". Now, just because Joe Candidate doesn't say he approves the message, it doesn't mean that he disapproves of it. Joe Candidate wants the voters to think he is distancing himself from the mudslinging but he really isn't, and we know it! Why not just come out and say it! This is just another way that politicians are sneaky.

At this point if I made my decision based on commercials, I would vote for the Asian guy whose mom comes on and says what a good boy her son is. I wish she were running, at this point I'd vote for her!

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Faythe said...

I'm so glad when the election will be over. I'm sick of all the political ads on TV! This morning, after I had made blackberry buttermilk pancakes for breakfast for the first time, Ryan actually took a bite, turned to me and said "I'm Ryan Dunn, and I approve these pancakes!"

I wanted to smack him.