Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mission Accomplished

When I had my kids I looked at parenthood like, oh boy, little minds to mold and warp. So instead of singing them lullabyes I sang TV show theme songs to them, and instead of listening to Barney we listened to disco and soul music. And instead of trying to pass myself off as a dignified adult I was just my goofy immature self. Now here we are many years later and this conversation takes place today as we were driving down Division toward home:

Karla: "So tonight I thought I'd make some tacos, and then I have to (screams) OH MY GOD THERE'S LITTLE CAESAR!!"

Max:(rolls down window and leans out with arms flailing in the air screaming) YEAH!! LITTLE CAESAR!! WOOOHOOO!! YEAH!! (leans back into car) So yeah mom, tacos sound good.

Well, the weird little apple did not fall far from the big weird tree.

Pizza Pizza!

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Anonymous said...

The weird little apple and big weird tree are all good, but I was wondering where the medium weird squirrel was hanging out these days. Wait a minute, there he is now. Gotta go.