Thursday, October 19, 2006

Old Friends and XM

I heard 2 songs on XM this morning on the way to work and they both reminded me of people.
1) "Nathan Jones" by the Supremes. This is my favorite post-Diana Ross Supremes song. It instantly reminded me of my friend Ray. We became fast friends our junior year of high school and have remained that way ever since. He is my Motown buddy. I remember in the early 80's he talked me into buying a 5 record set called Motown 50 off of a tv commercial. It was the first thing I ever bought off the tv. I still have it. Ray and I lived next door to each other in buildings separated by a driveway. There was a old fashioned pulley type clothesline between my balcony and his and we would always "send things over on the line". Those were fun days. We do this thing where we call each other and don't talk but just play music over the phone and then hang up without saying anything. The songs are usually from Blondie or the Supremes, but not always. He left a song message on my machine just the other day, but he broke tradition and spoke at the end. He said "miss you". I miss him too and I have to find "Nathan Jones" on the internet to play for him.

2) "Fire" by the Ohio Players. This song totally reminds me of my friend Elizabeth. We both had the 45 single of this song in seventh or eighth grade, and we used to be on the phone and each of us try to play our records in sync so we could hear "Fire" in stereo. We would spend hours trying to sync up our records but it never worked and we would just end up laughing, always laughing. Lately when she calls it's because she heard a song on the radio and had to tell me about it. And today if I hadn't been flying down the interstate during a rainstorm, I would have called her and we could have sang "Fiiiii-yuh!" together.

I love my friends and my XM!

Got me burnin' got me burnin'...

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