Friday, October 13, 2006

My First Hockey Game

and boy was it fun! We went to see the Spokane Chiefs play the Everett Silvertips. The Chiefs won 5-2. Of course they would, their team is named after mighty warriors, and Everett's team is named after trees. Trees can't play hockey! Anyway, here are my observations, numbered as usual but in no particular order.

1) At the start of the game when they showed pictures of the team, they all looked like high-schoolers! But I soon realized that hockey, at least the kind of hockey they were playing, is a young man's sport. You have to be fast and scrappy to be a good hockey player I think.
2) During the game one of the tree team players pissed off one of our players and before you could say Jerry Springer the helmets came off and they were punching each other in the face. The crowd went wild! I felt kind of bad that the crowd was so entertained by it. Anyway, the referees let the fight go on for a while before they broke it up, I don't think they wanted to get in there while the fists were flying.
3) Every time the Chiefs score a goal they play this Italian music and everyone claps and yells "Chiefs" and pumps their fist into the air. The first time it happened we didn't know what to do, but we figured it out pretty quickly for the next four times. Evan Max did it, it was so much fun.
4) It was the mascot's birthday (I think he is a bear), so to celebrate they had all the local team mascots there and they played broom ball during the break. It was pretty funny. I liked the bulldog mascot from Gonzaga University the best, but the eagle from Eastern Washington University was pretty cool too. I'm not sure why they had the Arby's mascot there, but he was a giant oven mitt and looked pretty funny holding a broom, I think he was Max's favorite.
5) Leo yelled so much during the game that he has lost his voice. He had a great time too. Max declared hockey to be cool, and wants to go to another game soon. I think it would be fun with more people next time. Any takers?

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Anonymous said...

I am not a taker, I am a giver. Besides, don't you think you should find Leo's voice before you go to any more hockey games. And I just want to say that I have been to many a hockey game (well not really, but I have seen "Miracle" and "The Mighty Ducks" like a hundred gazillion times) and I have never seen Jerry Springer climb up a tree while playing Italian music. That is just really weird. I think I will stick to full-contact badminton. Any givers?