Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Pictures Inside and Out

Here are some pictures I took yesterday.

I just liked the way the Dum Dums looked in the bowl.

Blossom is posing with my eyeball candles. I have had these for years, I just put tealights in them so the eyeballs don't melt any more. They look cool when they're lit.

These next pictures are from my neighborhood. The streets are a mess with leaves, but it is a very beautiful mess.

There are tons of squirrels in my neighborhood. And they act just like the squirrels in the Geico commercial, sitting in the street until the last minute and then running. This one was all business though.

Happy Fall Everybody!

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Anonymous said...

"Spendy" comment translation:
I was really broke this time. Being a hobo isn’t easy when you are always caught in a difficult situation. With two friends in solitary confinement and 4 others in their coffins, I can’t even afford the liquor to make everything better. With my pretty woman gone without a trace, my luck has never been better. What I wouldn’t do for soda if they weren’t so expensive.