Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The first time I heard the word Spendy, it came out of the mouth of Dana's aunt Linda, who lives in Ellensburg. It was used like this--"Portland is a nice place but it is pretty Spendy down there." I just thought that was Aunt Linda's way of saying Portland is expensive. I was wrong. Apparently it is the Northwest's way of saying things are expensive. The other word they use up here is Pop, they say it instead of saying soda. At Rosauer's you can get warm pop, or cold pop, whichever you like, but they don't have soda, only Pop.
Applying the principle of When in Rome, I have been trying to incorporate these words into my vocabulary. Spendy has been a pretty easy transition, but I am having trouble with Pop, as I grew up drinking soda. But I am trying. It drives my kids crazy when I say Spendy, but I don't care, I'm trying to fit in! So the next time we are in a store I am going to find the most expensive soda and say loudly "That Pop is Spendy!" and watch my kids (mainly Max) cringe.

I just Google Imaged the word Spendy and here is one of the things that came up.

A picture of Morrissey, who, in case you are my sister, was the singer for the Smiths, which was a band that I like very much. I'm not sure why he is Spendy, but he definitely is Pop, not the soda kind but the music kind.

This ends the language lesson for tonight.


Jennifer said...

I will never make the leap from soda to pop. We shall stand united.

Obnoxious MLMer said...

Down in Texas you can have coke or Dr. Pepper. Coke of course is any variety of soft drink other than, you guessed it, Dr. Pepper.

And I still remember the time I finally got the nerve to ask why everyone kept saying, "girl you're a mess." They said it means I am funny. I am not so sure they didn't fib :).

Anonymous said...

I was really on the nut this time. Being a bindle punk isn’t easy when you are constantly behind the eight-ball. With two friends in the bing and 4 others got fitted for their Chicago overcoats, I can’t even afford the eel juice to make everything better. With my dish on clean sneek, my luck has never been better. What I wouldn’t do for a pop if they weren’t so spendy.

Anonymous said...

Translation is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

this is your sister I thought Smith was our maiden name. Learn somethin'new every day and I thought Morrissey was just one more of those cats who used to do those commercials for catfood or was that litter????:-)