Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What The Hell?

Tonight Leo and I went to the open house at his school. During the open house week they also have the Scholastic Book Fair going on in the library. Seeing as this is my last elementary school open house (between my 2 kids I have gone to 11 open houses at that school-wow!) we go down to the Book Fair where I purchased a cookbook called Fast, Cheap and Good. But that's not what made me say What The Hell in the school library, it was this book:

I am horrified to realize that the generation of kids growing up today have no idea who the Beatles are. I was a little kid in the 60's but my sister and brother were much older so I knew all the Beatles songs back then. And I have made sure that my kids know who The Beatles are from a young age. Max could barely talk, but I would hold him in my arms and we would name the Beatles from the poster I had put up in his room, he would say "Don, Pol, Doe and Wingo, the Beetos". When both my kids were babies one of my favorite things to do with them was hold them close and sing "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" to them. Believe me, they know who the Beatles are. And Led Zeppelin, Kool and the Gang, James Brown, The Temptations, Devo, I could go on and on. I believe as parents we have a responsibility to give a sense of not just music history but pop culture and family history, as well as history book history. They need to know that their generation is not the be all and end all. Mine is. Just kidding!

Coming back from the open house this evening listening to Stevie Wonder's "You Haven't Done Nothing", I commented that when I get old, the retirement communities are going to be bumping, and he said "Yeah, it'll be all, wave your cane in the air like you don't care!" He understands. My job is done.

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