Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Linking Makes The World Go 'Round

Every day I read the blogs of people in Spokane. The topics range from food to restaurant reviews to city development updates to nothing. Today on a couple of the blogs the buzz is about a high rise that is trying to get approval to build in downtown Spokane. People seem to be excited about the direction the city is going in, a direction of growth and change. This makes me excited too! I am looking forward to seeing the development and renewal of the downtown area firsthand.
So this morning I tried to figure out how to get links to the Spokane bloggers on my blog and I think I actually figured it out! Try the links if you want, hope they work for you. Maybe soon I will put links to other websites and blogs that I like.


Faythe said...

Hey, great job on figuring out to add links! Thanks for putting mine on there. I'm hoping you sell your house soon, because I'm impatiently waiting for you to move back to my neighborhood!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Karla!

Since you're in the works now. In a few days the old URL won't be working.