Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Sweep!

I am in a Bunco group, and April is my month to host the game. Since I didn't want to mess up my house between real estate showings, I hosted it at another player's house. As host, it is up to me to find substitute players if any of the regulars can't make it, since there always needs to be 12 players for Bunco. Well, 2 of the regulars couldn't make it, so I had my boys substitute for them. And guess what, we all won! I won First Prize of $30, Leo won Third Prize and Pass Around for a total of $25, and Max won the Booby Prize of $10. So between the 3 of us we walked away with half the prize money. My kids earned every bit of that money, because about half the players are over 80, and it was like my kids had a bunch of inquisitive grandmas asking them the same questions over and over about school and moving. They were very good about it though, and I think they actually may have had a little fun. I just asked Max if he had fun and he said "I won ten dollars." So there you go. Next month will be my last time playing with the group I have been in for eight years. I am hoping to find a Bunco group in Spokane. If anyone has any leads let me know.

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