Thursday, April 27, 2006

Things I Will Miss #1

Today I took a ride around town and took some pictures of the things that I will miss on the Monterey Peninsula. The first thing is one of my very favorite places to eat, Turtle Bay Taqueria.

They serve "Mexican Coastal Cuisine", which means a lot of seafood in a tropical setting. I always get the same thing, a grilled shrimp bowl. I realize I am in a rut, but I did try something else one time and did not like it as well, and we don't go often enough for me to get tired of it. It's great! Black beans, wild rice and this stuff which I LOVE called caribbean salad, all in a bowl topped with grilled shrimp and their fantastic salsa. I took a picture but it seems kind of blurry.

I know there are a lot of good restaurants up in Spokane, I hope at least one is as delicious and inexpensive as Turtle Bay.


dishSpokane said...

Karla you are right. There are many good restaurants in Spokane. Some of them are even great. Anyway you will love it here.

Jennifer said...


I think this would be a great forum post! "The Best Mexican in Spokane?"