Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An Embarrassing House Selling Story

Everyone who has ever sold a home has one. My friend Shannon told me about the time when her house was on the market and she came home one morning after being gone for 20 minutes to take the kids to school. When she got home there was a realtor and a couple in her kitchen full of not only the previous night's dinner dishes but also crawling with ants. She wanted to die!

Here is my story.

I was putting away laundry and all of a sudden my cat Dolly decided to attack my cat Grace, just randomly out of nowhere, and quite visciously at that. Grace ran towards the front door with Dolly hot on her tail. I ran to the front door, flung it open, and in my loudest motherly voice said "One of you had better get out!" Both cats froze so I upped it a notch and started yelling "GO ON GET OUT!!!".

Then I looked up.

In the street right out in front of my house was a woman standing by her car, frozen in fear from my yelling. Immediately I think, Oh God, she thinks I am yelling at my kids and she is going to call CPS on me. She very quietly says Hello, and I smile and say Hello to her. I didn't say anything else but I grabbed Grace and put her out the door, hoping the woman would see that I was yelling at cats not kids. Then I shut the door and it occurs to me, this woman is in a business suit and driving a Mercedes, I'll bet she is a realtor. Then I get a phone call. It is my realtor saying, "there is a realtor with a couple driving in your neighborhood and they want to know if you can show the house on short notice." I said ok, but they never came back, probably because they thought they were walking in on a case of domestic abuse, when in reality I was just breaking up a cat fight. I can't believe I scared away people from my house. I am so embarrassed. Please come back people, come back and buy my house, I promise not to yell at you!

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