Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Coffee At Home Again

I have not been making coffee at home lately. It started when I went to Spokane last month and got hooked on the White Chocolate Mocha from the Rocket Bakery on 14th that tasted like cake. When I got back to Monterey I was totally jaded about my little Black and Decker one cup Brew N Go coffemaker in which I brewed Yuban or Maxwell House. So I quit making coffee and instead started frequenting Starbucks which is not that great compared to my Spokane Nirvana Cake Coffee and also expensive. I needed to find a balance somehow while still filling my daily caffeine requirement. What to do, what to do...
So last week I was at Shannon's house and she served me a cup of coffee which was pretty good tasting and had foam on top. Yes, she has a Senseo machine. I thought, this is do-able. So I started looking for deals in stores and on the internet. I ended up finding a blue one at Target, the blue ones were $15 cheaper than the black or white ones, which Max thinks is racial appliance discrimination but I think is good for my wallet. I brought it home yesterday and have had 3 cups of coffee so far and while it will never be the cake-coffee they serve in Heaven, it is certainly good enough for someone like me who creams and sugars the crap out of coffee anyway.
The only drawback so far is that everytime I look into my kitchen from where I sit at my desk, I see my little blue Senseo and it just looks depressed to me. It reminds me of those old Tex Avery cartoons from the 40's and 50's where inanimate objects are animated. It looks like it's tired and just gave up, all hunched over and sighing. See if you agree with me:

So I better cheer it up and make it feel useful by giving me another cup! Tune in for my next post, which will be titled, "Coffee Jitters"!

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Nabeela said...

hi, i came across your comment on the brocollini recipe from somebody's blog..and was surprised to see that you came from near salinas too...i used to live in salinas and then we moved to san!! i wish i still lived wasn't called the salad bowl of america for nothing..I always got the freshest of vegetables and all for a wonderful price...I never get crunchy iceberg lettuce here in san jose like i used to get back in salinas