Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Springtime Fresh Leftovers

Last week I came back from Grocery Outlet at 1:45 pm only to discover that people were coming over for a house showing at 2pm! So I had a ton of groceries to put away and be out in 15 minutes. Leo helped me by putting some of the stuff away for me. Here is how he helped me--He put the box of dryer sheets in the ziplock/foil/saran wrap drawer. Bless his heart. I found them in there 2 or 3 days later, and by that time they had imparted their Springtime Freshness to everything else in the drawer. So now when I put leftovers in a ziplock, I know I will not be eating them later because the taint of Springtime is upon them. My kids have not noticed the taint, I think it's because they wolf the food down in teenage boy fashion, hardly tasting it. But I know. And I'm not telling them!

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