Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Heartbreak In The School Lunchroom

Every other Wednesday I volunteer my time in Leo's school selling Ice Cream during lunch. My table is set up in the back corner of the lunchroom. (I would call it a cafeteria, but they don't cook the food there.) Today at the back table sitting about five feet from me was a boy, about 3rd grade I'd guess. He had gotten in trouble during P.E. and so he was sitting all by himself. And he was crying. At first I didn't know why he was crying, but I figured it out. He was crying because he couldn't have any ice cream. And every time I sold one to the other kids, he cried harder. I sold 117 ice creams today, let me tell you, that kid was a wreck. He just kept staring at me all red faced and teary, I felt awful! Note to Principal Nelson: If you're going to punish a kid by taking away his ice cream privilege, DON'T SIT HIM RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ICE CREAM!! I can't take it!

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Jason said...

Hey Karla,

Sad to hear about the ice-cream-less boy at lunch...

Have you seen Might help with house pricing type stuff.

Talk to you later.

- jason