Sunday, March 02, 2008

Odd or God?

Anyone who has known me since I became a Christian has heard me say this. I say it when something happens, or there is a circumstance that seems super coincidental. Rarely is it just odd, I believe it is God either using me or trying to tell me something. Sometimes they are even answers to prayer. I will give you an example: One time a few years ago when times were harder than they are now, I wanted to give up my big coffee maker and buy a new smaller one. They were only $15, but I didn't really have it. I stood in the coffee maker aisle at Target and looked longingly at the coffee maker I wanted. I thought about how God wants me to be a good steward of everything including my finances, so I told God that I understood, and that I would not be buying a new coffee maker that day. End of story? Heck no! THREE DAYS LATER I am at work and one of my co-workers comes in with a giant box. She sets this box on my desk, and inside it are about twenty little coffeemakers just like the one I had passed on in Target! Her husband worked for a large hotel chain, and it seems that they were replacing all the little coffee makers in the hotel rooms. Let's summarize--I was obedient to God and didn't buy one coffee maker, three days later I have a box of 20 of them free for the taking in front of me. I ask you--ODD OR GOD?? I'm going with God. This kind of stuff happens to me all the time.
So here is what is going on right now: In the past few weeks, not one but two single fathers with custody of their kids have crossed my path. I have had the opportunity to speak with both of these great guys and give support and encouragement about their situations because I have been exactly where they are and come out the other side with perspective and the peace that comes from God that surpasses all understanding. I have been able to pass a tiny bit of that peace along to them. And I am wondering if the reason I was put through all that hell ten years ago was so that I could comfort and encourage people today. Hmmmm...Odd or God??
My money's on God.

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