Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Parade

1) It was sooooo cold! We had to stand around for an hour and a half before we could go and it was freezing! I could not feel my face, fingers or legs. Once we started moving I got some feeling back but I did not feel warm until after I got home and put a blanket around me.

2) The band in the animal costumes that were practicing during the parade assembly, Gorilla Rabbit and Chicken were hilarious! I'm not sure if they were really playing that badly or just goofing off, but it was awesome. Music played badly is really funny to me. I'm sure that is why Max never practiced his trumpet, he probably got tired of me crying with laughter in the other room.

3) It was nice that people cheered for the Spokane Humane Society, everyone really appreciates what they do for the animals.

4) Also it was good that we had a bunch of really cute and sweet dogs with us, that way nobody was looking at our ridiculous hats.

5) If I am in the parade next year I will make a point to go around looking at other entries in the staging area, I wished that I could see the parade and also be in the parade.

6) Being in a parade offers some fantastic people watching opportunities. Let's just say that parade goers are a colorful and fun bunch of people and leave it at that.

7) After the parade was over, Faythe and I went to Frank's Diner for lunch. I didn't realize how hungry I was, boy was it good.

So that's it! Faythe has some pictures on her blog, along with her take on the festivities.

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