Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have been slowly re-organizing my office. Wait a minute, the word re-organizing implies that at one point the office was organized to begin with, which is SO not true! Unless you call organization boxes of papers that I packed up and moved here and never opened until tonight. So I open the first box and it is chock full of everything from important house papers to Leo's grade school artwork to old bills that I don't even have anymore. This mixed up mess means that I have to handle EVERY PIECE OF PAPER and make a decision about it. Keep? Shred? Recycle? I do not have that many decisions left in me by 10pm on a Thursday. I can hardly bear it! I can do about an hour and then I have to run away screaming and swearing. I mean, I work in an office and I handle papers and make decisions about them all day long, why why WHY do I need to deal with it at home too??

If I was wearing one of these I'd have to switch it to the other hand right now!

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