Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not A Lot Going On

It's been one of those weeks. Here are some highlights.

1) Been watching Idol with Faythe. It is now to the point where I don't really want to watch it by myself anymore, mainly because we have so much fun watching it together. We laugh and laugh.

2) The time change has been making me more energetic in the evenings. This is good news for my kitchen. An increase in both cooking and cleaning has been noted.

3) I'm using a different shampoo. Waiting to see if my hair starts falling out again once the effects of the Nioxin wear off.

4) Bought an iPod over the weekend. It's a nano and it's turquoise, very cute and oh so much fun. Leo is pissed at me because it's the one he begged me for at Christmas and didn't get. It feels good being the envy of my kids for once.

5) Bunco tonight.

6) Parade on Saturday!! Starting to get excited about that, also a little nervous.

That's it! I'm surprised I squeezed 6 things out.

Hope you are able to squeeze some fun out of your week.

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