Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Is Back On Track (Sort Of)

When I lived in CA I had the same Easter tradition for years. Make a potato salad and go to Dick and Cesca's. After I started going to church, the tradition became make a potato salad, go to church, go to Dick and Cesca's. Last year was our first Easter in Spokane and it was a total bust. This Easter, things are looking up. I have a church home now, and our Easter service is being held at the Fox Theater, too cool! Also, I am in a small group bible study, and we are having an Easter luncheon, which means I get to make potato salad and bring it somewhere! So tomorrow my tradition will be make a potato salad, go to church and go to Mike and Tammy's. I can live with it.

Still totally miss Dick and Cesca's Easter though.

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