Monday, March 17, 2008

Seeking The Perfect Relationship

My job requires me to do a lot of writing. I write pretty much all day. Lately, I have been unsatisfied with the performance of my pens. I have been going to Staples and Office Depot practically every weekend trying to find a pen that fits all my needs, which are as follows:

1) Non-gloppy ink.
2) Blue ink.
3) Medium point.
4) Soft grippy thing.
5) Ball point. No gel.

I am not looking for the Holy Grail here, I am just looking for the perfect pen for a long term relationship. Saturday I bought a pen called Dr. Grip Center Of Gravity. It was great until I started writing with it this morning. GLOPPY!! AUGGGHHHHH!!! In my desperation I am turning to the Internet to help me on my quest. Wish me luck. This is driving me crazy.


Kate said...

Bic Round Stic Grip in Blue. It comes in boxes. I love it to bits. Just don't steal mine.

Sara said...

Office Depot has Foray brand pens that are awesome and have a satisying click. I love them muchly.

A. Malcontent said...

I finally found the pens that I really like and I think you would like because they meet all your criteria. They're sort of hard to find, but they're the RoseArt x500 ball point. They also make them in gels, but I don't like gel. They're great! They have a comfy rubber grip thing and they come in pretty colors, too. I think I may have bought mine from Wal-Mart, but I'm not sure.