Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Feel Compelled To Explain

Faythe blogged here about last night's American Idol session over here. She told a tale of me laughing over a picture. Lest anyone think I'm crazy (I am, I just don't want you to think so), here is the explanation of the David Cassidy photo and how it came about.

Last night Faythe and I were talking about how appliances are coming out in all kinds of cool colors now, and I mentioned that growing up, our kitchen had a turquiose refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. So I got out a box of pictures in an attempt to find a picture of the kitchen. I was going through some pictures that I recognized to be a pile that I used to have up in my cubicle at my old job. And I came across this:

I had totally forgotten I did that! It was about 6 or so years ago, and I was going through a David Cassidy phase. My friends at work knew about it so one day I found a little picture of him on my desk that one of them had cut out of a magazine. I was staring at the wall of my cubicle thinking where can I put this little picture and my eyes rested on a picture of Dana and the boys. It was a "bad" picture of all of them, but I loved the expressions on the kids faces. I didn't particularly enjoy looking at my ex-husband though. So in a flash of brilliance, I killed two birds with one stone.

So last night was the first time in like 5 years that I saw that picture and I started laughing to the point that Faythe felt compelled to blog about it. So that's the story of that.

Faythe, I found a picture of the turquoise stove, here ya go.

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KathyLikesPink said...

The house my family lived 1968-1980 had turquoise stove, oven (which was in the wall and not attached to the stove), and sink. I remember my folks were upset because the family that moved out took the turqoise refrigerator and it was supposed to stay with the house! I would love a turquoise refrigerator now.

Also in that house, one bathroom had pink sink, toilet and tub, and the other bathroom and it all in blue.