Saturday, March 08, 2008

Until We Meet Again

So, the mighty Led Zeppelin's reign on XM ended yesterday. I didn't listen to it all the time, but I did listen some every day. It brought me back to another time in my life when I listened to Led Zeppelin every day, about 30 years ago. Only this time I didn't have a joint or bong in my hand like I did then. When I was a teenager everyone I knew loved Zep. Guys wanted to be them, girls wanted to be with them. And while I thought that Robert Plant was cute and oh so sexy, I always stood in awe of Jimmy Page and how he played guitar. For me it was about the music. There was this guy named David Long who lived on the next block in Del Rey Oaks, and he singlehandedly turned all of us on to Zep. He used to carry the album "Presence" around with him and came to my and all of my friends' houses and played it for us. He converted all of us into fanatics, especially Steve and Mike and me. A couple of years ago back in CA when Steve lived in my garage and Mike lived in my shed (AKA The Command Module) in the backyard, the three of us would get together and drink expensive tequilla and watch The Song Remains The Same with the volume cranked. It is just a given that Led Zeppelin will always be a part of my life. When I am old and frail and senile, I know that hearing "Tea For One" or "Achilles Last Stand" will bring a light to my eyes.
So with a sigh I bid farewell to XM Led for now. I understand that XM needs the bandwidth for the upcoming baseball season. But they said that XM Led will make it's triumphant return later this year. I'll be waiting.

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