Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thoughts On The Show

It was so much fun!! Here is what happened:

1) The B-52's were playing at the Northern Quest Casino, which I had never been to. So we went a little early and had dinner there. So Max and I were sitting there eating and watching the horse races where the horses pull those little chariot thingies, and Max got an idea for a movie about a donkey who pulls a cart in Mexico but has dreams of being a chariot racer, so the donkey disguises himself as a horse and makes his dream come true! He titled it "Donkey Cart II--Juwanna Horse". It was hilarious at the time but I guess you had to be there.

2) Then we had some time to kill so we played the slots for a little while. Max broke even and I lost $3.34.

3) Then it was time to go to the show! So we get to our seats and we realize that we are fairly close to the stage. Then I realize that we are surrounded by older people. Did I look as old at them?, I wondered. Then I decided no, they were all older than me. I could be in denial about this, but I don't think so because I stood up and danced through the whole show while most everyone around me sat through it and only got up when they played Love Shack and Rock Lobster.

4) I wrote down everything that they played, here it is:
Mesopotamia -- 6 or 8000 years ago, they laid down the law!
Pump -- This is off their new album called "Funplex" which I already own and have mostly memorized. Pretty good song, but not one of my favorites.
Private Idaho -- I think they just played this because we are so close to Idaho and they felt obligated. I would rather have heard Cindy sing Give Back My Man from that same album.
Ultraviolet--Another new one.
Channel Z -- One of their hits off of the Cosmic Thing album. When that album first came out I loved it and then Love Shack blew up and everyone loved the B-52's which kind of irritated me because I didn't want to share them after having them to myself for so long. So now I really don't like the Cosmic Thing album too much.
Strobe Light -- A classic! But doesn't anyone know that in the middle of that song the strobe lights come on and it looks cool when you dance? Strobe lights are not as cool if you just sit there!
Juliet of the Spirits -- One of my favorites off the new album. Kate and Cindy stood together and just sang it, it was beautiful, I love the way their voices mesh.
Roam -- See Channel Z.
Funplex -- Great catchy song. Video is here.
Hot Corner -- Pretty good new one.
Keep This Party Going -- Good dance tune off the new album.
Love Shack -- Finally all the oldies got up! Tiiiiin roof! Rusted.
Then they left the stage and came back for the encore:
Planet Claire -- Thank you B's for playing the first track off your first album for me, that was the song that got me started on you to begin with.
Love In The Year 3000 -- Not my favorite new one.
And of course they ended the show with Rock Lobster -- Down! Down!
It was a great show which could have been better had they played about 15 more songs but you know, they are older now and we just have to be happy with what we get.

5) On the way out Max says hey, that guy has a DEVO tattoo, so we stopped him and got a picture of it. Turns out that back in the day he was a punk from SoCal, he also had a Black Flag tattoo which was cool. I showed him my Cosmic Thing tattoo, and we realized that we were now just a couple of middle aged punks and had a laugh about it.

6) On our way back through the casino, Max won $15 playing blackjack. Also, in the casino they give you free sodas, which was awesome since I was quite thirsty after all that dancing.

7) Here are some pictures that Max took:

So that's it! Thanks to the B-52's for coming to my town! See you next time!

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Sara said...

I'm a little jealous. I don't know that many songs of theirs but I know it would have been a fun show. Glad you got to hear that first song that grabbed you!