Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Am A Grandpa!

First I was becoming my grandma, now it appears I am becoming my grandpa too.

On Friday my foot started to hurt around the ball at the base of my left big toe. I thought my shoes were too tight or something and figured that I would feel better when I got home and took them off. NO. The pain in my toe got worse and worse to the point that there was a 1:30 am visit to the ER. I explained my symptoms and was told that I HAVE GOUT.


First of all, I didn't even know that gout existed anymore, I thought it went the way of scurvy and rickets. But I guess not. And I thought that only old men get gout. No on both counts.

Secondly, I have the Sunday Night Supper Club coming over this weekend! AND it's a week before Christmas, and guess how long gout attacks last? You guessed it, a week.

My body has the crappiest timing ever.



Rayleen said...

I'm sure you got good advice from your doc but I couldn't resist adding my own two cents. My BF went through a bout of gout. His doc suggested it was due to his diabetes. Anyway, we tried a lot of homeopathic remedies, our favorite being cherry juice. It appears that it's good for gout. You can also get cherry juice pills.

Karla said...

Because I have lost a fair amount of weight recently (over 25 lb) the dr thought it might be caused by that.