Monday, December 04, 2006

An Epic Story

When I think of an epic story I think of a story that spans generations. This is one of those stories. It spans one generation--mine.

The year was 1973. I was in seventh grade at Fremont Junior High School in Seaside, CA. Back then the girls took cooking and sewing, and the boys took woodshop and metalshop. Really.

I had Mrs. Lee for Sewing, and our first project was to make a gym bag. It was basically a cube with a drawstring closing the top. I picked out this peachy orangey pseudo tye dyed material and sewed it up into the most bitchin gym bag ever! I even embroidered my name on it, it was so cool. Oh how proud I was of my awesome creation, I was so jazzed that I bought some blue tye dyed denim material and made another one at home. Those were good days.

Well, days went by, then years went by. My awesome gym bag was left at my mom's when I moved out in 1980, and by the time I moved back in to take care of her 16 years later, both gym bags were gone. It really didn't matter though because I had forgotten all about them anyway.

Flash forward to the present day. About a month ago my best friend Tami and I were having one of our marathon conversations and she said, "Do you remember Mrs. Lee's sewing class? Whatever happened to our gym bags?" I had no idea and neither did she.

Then at Thanksgiving I was at my sister's house in one of her bedrooms and I looked over and there was...not my gym bag. But close! I had also forgotten that around the same time of my sewing class, my sister was into her crafty phase. She quilted, upholstered furniture, etc. Well, my sister, God bless her, had made a pillow out of the leftover gym bag material, and there it was at her house! I freaked out in front of everybody and basically stole the pillow and put it in my suitcase and took it home with me, where it now sits in my bedroom and comforts me with happy seventh grade gym bag memories.

Isn't that a great epic story? Here is the pillow, it's beautiful, I am so happy!

And we lived happily ever after--The End


Anonymous said...

calm down lady its just a pillow

Jennifer said...

Your pillow is cute! But when I first saw it, it reminded me of those awful blanket/pillows we saw in Greenbluff.

Isn't it great finding old cherished things?

Karla said...

shut up Max!

Anonymous said...

oh my god it is your gym bag.....all theses years later!!COOL love ya tami