Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pictures For My Family

Greetings from Angie, the family Christmas tree angel. She has graced the top of my mom's or my tree I think since before I was born. The old girl is still in pretty good shape, she made the move to Washington no problem!

Here is our tree. As soon as the real ones come pre-lit I will go back to real ones.

Rudolph and his buddies are having a Holly Jolly Christmas on top of the china cabinet.

I went to Sears, and the "A Christmas Story" village was 1/3 off, so I had to get it--Merry Christmas to me!

And the eternal conflict between dinosaurs, ninjas, and knights continues to rage at the gingerbread house!


Jennifer said...

I love the gingerbread house! Who won the battle?

Karla said...

According to Max, the dinosaurs have the upper hand.

michelle said...

oh my goodness i didn't know they *had* rudolph and friends. do they make those still or is that, like your wee angel, something you've had for a while?

they. are. AWESOME!

Karla said...

I got the Rudolph set several years ago at KMart and Target back in CA where I used to live. I would imagine they are on ebay somewhere. The best part is watching Rupolph on TV and having them act it out in my living room at the same time. Good fun!