Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thoughts On Snow

It snowed this morning. This is the first snow I have really gotten to watch from home, all the other ones were either during the night or while I was at work. So I woke up the kids, opened up all the blinds and put on the snowing music from the Charlie Brown Christmas CD I have. The song is called "Skating" and you can listen to a piece of it if you click the link and scroll down. It's the song that plays while they are catching snowflakes on their tongues and Lucy says she never eats December snowflakes, only January ones. Anyway, it was great watching the snow fall. The boys went outside and had a(nother) snowball fight, Leo made snow angels and Max stamped out his name in the street in front of our house. Here are some pictures:

I realized that snow makes everything pretty, even unsightly things. For instance, that pile of tires in my neighbor's yard? Now they look like a cake with icing. Snow is the answer to a messy yard! So if you have a messy yard and you don't live where it snows, I recommend getting a snow machine and covering everything up with snow, your neighbors will thank you! Now if it only snowed in my kitchen...

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