Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Memories

Inspired by this blog, here are some Christmas-related memories of mine, not all of them warm and fuzzy, and in no particular order.

1)In the late 70's I had a job at the Cinema 70 movie theater and one year I had to work on Christmas day 10am to 6pm. I was totally bummed that I was going to miss all the fun. When I got home that night, my family was still there and they had not opened any gifts, they waited for me. I was blown away by their thoughtfulness then and still am today.

2)When the pictures came back after one Christmas when I was a teen, my grandma noticed that you could see up her dress to her underwear in one shot. There had been several copies made of these pictures and she made everyone who got a picture color in her panties with a black pen to match her dress because she was so embarrassed. I am laughing so hard as I type this.

I had to get the picture out, it's so funny! I am sure my grandma is in heaven having a conniption right now over this.

OK back to the memories.

3)One year I got this game (no doubt from my sister), I forget the name of it but you were given a word and you had to name songs with that word in the title. My brother kept making up these bizarre song titles and every time we would challenge him, he would say "It's a country song!", and because the rest of us didn't know any country songs we believed him and he won. That cheater!

4) Here is a memory from every Chrstmas that my mom was alive--German style spinach and red cabbage to go with the ham. A few years ago we tried to re-create her dinner but it was too much work. I must say though, that my brother's red cabbage and my sister's spinach are outstanding!

5) I hate to put this one in because everyone gasps and feels bad, but my mom passed away on Christmas night in 1996. This could be a bad memory every year but we turned it into a good one by all being together and drinking a toast of egg nog out of her Special Christmas Egg Nog Glasses. Before I moved I distributed the glasses evenly among the family and I hope to coordinate a long distance toast with everyone on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!

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