Sunday, December 10, 2006

Longing For Christmas Past

This is the first Christmas in 4 years that I have been working full time and it sucks! I had gotten used to the leisurely shopping, decorating and socializing because I wasn't working, now I have to cram it all into the weekends, I hate that. It would help if I was feeling better, but I have been keeping this horrible sore throat at bay with massive amounts of Advil for about 11 days now. I did manage to get the Christmas cards written along with the dreaded Christmas letter, consider yourself warned. And I am done with all the shopping except for the boys' stuff.
And with the last minute addition of the entire "A Christmas Story" Christmas village(don't ask) I am done decorating. All that's left is to wrap and send the family gifts to CA and experience the annual Gingerbread House Building Fiasco with my kids. So I would say I'm doing pretty good, but at the expense of things like sleeping and cooking at home. But those things are overrated anyway, right? Hope you all are keeping all the plates spinning too.

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