Monday, December 25, 2006

Not As Merry Of A Christmas As It Should Be

Everything was going just fine, and then I found out that James Brown died! His CD 20 All Time Greatest Hits was in my CD player for 3 months straight when I got it in the early 90's. I know it was the early 90's because Max was a toddler and he used to say "Get up, Get on Up" from the song "Sex Machine Pt. 1". Then I recorded the beginning of "Get On The Good Foot" as my answering machine greeting, except nobody knew who they were calling, but those who knew me well figured it out.

One good thing about this is that, like me, James Brown fans everywhere are playing his music on Christmas Day, which means that this will be the funkiest Christmas ever. And that is all good.

Thanks, James Brown. You had Soul and you were Super Bad. Heaven will be super funky now! Right On Right On!

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