Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crappy News and Great News

First the crappy computer is dead! Well, it was dying and then Max finished it off in an attempt to save it. Really it wasn't even dying, it was just constipated. It was the enema that killed it. First we got an external hard drive and saved everything I wanted off it like pictures and music. Then Max cleared everything off of it, I think it's called reformatting. But somehow during that process, my computer got some sort of amnesia and now it no longer recognizes it's old friend The Internet. So right now I am on Leo's computer. Max will attempt to get my computer to remember the internet, but I don't know how, maybe by showing it old pictures of them together, or reminding it of the love they once shared. At any rate, there will be a computer connected to the internet on my desk by the end of the day one way or the other. My Dell is like 5 or 6 years old so it has essentially been obsolete for years anyway. It served me well for a long time so I have no qualms about getting a new one, especially since I got a decent size tax return this year.
This whole computer crisis really put a kink in what I really wanted to post about last night, so let's start that.


That is the sound of me squealing, here's what happened. Yesterday morning was craft day with my friend Heather from work. So I am at the stoplight at the corner of Boone and Ash at 9 am and I look over and there is a billboard with the B-52's on it. Then I notice what it says: B-52's March 29th Northern Quest Casino. Here was my reaction:
Oh My God
Then I kind of came to and noticed that the light was still red and after looking around, was relieved that nobody had witnessed my screaming fit. At least with this one it was daylight and I was stopped, not like the Led Zeppelin seizure I had at night on the freeway.
So anyway, the good news is that Max and I are going to see the B-52's!! I have seen them many times, but not in about 6 or 7 years, last time I took Max too, it was his first real concert. I'll tell you, compared to where I used to live, this place rocks for shows. I used to have to drive to San Jose or San Francisco to see bands, now I just drive 10 minutes! Since I have moved up here I have seen The English Beat and Morrissey, and now one of my all time favorite bands since I was 17. Life is so good!
Except for the whole computer thing.

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