Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Best News I've Heard All Week

This week has been crazy busy, both in and out of work. I have been feeling completely overwhelmed by work and social commitments, and I don't see it letting up until maybe Christmas. So tonight at about 9pm I am finally coming home after being gone since 7:30 this morning. Any time I can get alone in the car is good time, because I have XM and I can listen to it loud without kids complaining about how they are not deaf yet and could I turn it down. I swear they are channeling my mom. So I'm in the car and I look at the XM display and it says this:

Channel 59
Led Zeppelin 24/7

I screamed and almost ran off the freeway! I started hyperventilating and tried not to wreck the car while I fumbled in the dark for channel 59, hoping that it was true, and it is true! XM has a dedicated Zep channel for the next six months!! I don't care if I have all their CD's, this is awesome!

If you had told me when I was a teenager that in the future there would be a Led Zeppelin channel, or that Devo and the English Beat would play in restaurants, I would have laughed in your face. Well, the future is here and I'm happy to be in it. Led Zeppelin on XM is like an oasis in my crazy desert. Life is good.

It really takes so little to make me happy!


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad you wer able to contain yourself enough not to actually drive off the road.

lornadoone said...

I could seriously get into a 24/7 Pink Floyd channel.