Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All About Barf

So Leo has been sick since Monday morning with something that makes him barf several times a day. And also have a fever. If it's not the flu it's certainly flu-like. What I want to know is this: can the flu pass from humans to cats? Because last night within half an hour, my kid and not one but two of my three cats all barfed! The big difference between Leo barfing and Dolly and Blossom barfing is that Leo at least makes an attempt to get to some sort of barf-containment receptacle. The cats just barf in the hallway and think that is okay. Let me go on record to say that it is not okay! I have not lived all these years aspiring to a career in barf management, but that is what I have!
I just want the barfing to stop. All of it.

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